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“We are too early to speak about meetings, before we get a mediation with some traction,” he said.British female jihadists are running 'brothels' where thousands of Iraqi women are being forced to work after being captured by Islamic State militants, it has been reported.In addition, the analysis section of the comparison will be based upon the actual timeline of the Arab Spring.Finally, the whole research body will be supported via the presentation of the historical background of both media, while the events themselves took place.The statement, reported by Newsweek, cited evidence of "savage rapes" being used as weapons of war against women and teenage boys and girls belonging to the Yazidi, Christian, Turkomen and Shabak minority groups in Iraq.

Anwar Gargash denied as false a story in the Washington Post that cited U. officials saying the UAE had orchestrated the hack of Qatar’s state news agency.Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt imposed sanctions on Qatar on June 5, cutting diplomatic and transport ties with the tiny Gulf monarchy, after accusing it of financing militant groups and allying with their regional arch-foe Iran. Gargash said the four Arab powers were in the process of discussing additional sanctions on Doha.“There will be some tightening of the screws,” he said in an interview on the sidelines of the event, declining to give a time frame on when new measure could be introduced.The move comes after an AFP report last year found the Taliban are exploiting the centuries-old practice, one of the most egregious violations of human rights in the country, to mount deadly insider attacks in the volatile south. Powerful warlords, commanders, politicians and other members of the elite often keep “bachas” as a symbol of authority and affluence.Bachas, sometimes dressed as women, are often sexually exploited.

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Arab media; Fox News; Al Jazeera; Arab Spring movement Arab Spring movement Arab Spring 2010-2011 or also known as the demonstrations in the Middle East and North Africa is the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests that took place in the Middle East and North Africa from 18 December 2010.

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