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I touched the cleavage of her mounds that was my first touch with her bare skin. I was afraid that she knows what I did in last night but she was looking normal but I was not able to face her. Aunty came with me after dinner again to sleep with me. I was studying but after some time aunty called me up. then suddenly she asked me whether I have touched any lady. Aunt Jenny had asked me to babysit her two little brats while she went out with a couple of friends.It wasn't a problem especially since it offered me the perfect opportunity.

I went to station to see off my parents and came back around 8 pm. After an hour aunty came and told me to sleep now and get up early in morning to study. I slowly tried to touch her hair to confirm whether she is in deep sleep or not. Then slowly I put my left palm on her stomach as I m in deep sleep. I got some courage and slowly moved my hand towards her breasts.

I walked in and pressed the bell and the door was opened by a housemaid.

I was made to sit in the sitting room and the maid left saying she would call the 'maim sahab'.

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there I found uncle’s brother has come with his 8 years old son. When fingers touched her breasts I got one of the softest feeling of this world. She was not responding then I put my hand in her kurta because she wore kurta and salwar. I moved my hand inside her kurta and unhooked her bra.

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