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, in 1992, and has released 13 studio albums since and made over 150 guest appearances on other albums and soundtracks.

A recipient of nine Grammy Awards, in addition to receiving a record of thirty Grammy nominations, and also known as the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Blige is one of few entertainers in history to have eight or more albums to reach multi-platinum status.

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Starting her career as a backing singer on Uptown Records in 1989, Blige released her first album, What's the 411?

She never once hid the fact she was Mary from the Yonkers, N. Blige was open about her traumas and drug abuse during her earlier years, and perhaps it was that sort of intensely personal inspiration that led to such passionately sung music.

Her warm mix of hip-hop into her R&B stylings and pure talent led to two all-time classic albums, ‘What’s the 411′ and ‘My Life.’ The more soulful and polished sound of Blige’s later years reflected the increasing stability of her personal life. Blige, but even her most dedicated fans may need to be schooled about a thing or two from her past.

My Life, in particular, is considered among the greatest albums ever recorded according to Rolling Stone, and Vibe.

For her part in combining hip hop and soul in the early 1990s and its subsequent commercial success, Blige received the Legends Award at the World Music Awards.

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