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Jamie Foxx Lots of celebrities make stray more-cushion-for-the-pushin’ remarks that probably don’t betray a major sexual proclivity in the long run—John Cena once bragged about his tryst with a 280-pound woman on Howard Stern.But Foxx has something of a record, first talking about how he and one chubby ex “looked like the number 10” together, and later making a special call to Oprah Winfrey just to tell manic yo-yo-diet guest Kirstie Alley she’s beautiful at any size. 30 Rock‘s Tracy Jordan In the very first episode 30 Rock, breakout nutso tells Liz Lemon, “I hate skinny women.” It wasn’t one of his typical nonsequiturs.

It wasn’t long before I was being contacted by different guys. Doing some networking for my uncle he’s throwing a buisness/soical boat network on October 15th and helping him sell tickets you know?

To put a stop to the negative commentary that is constantly going on in our minds. I've been a Naafa member for five years, and right now my self-esteem could use a little booster," she says, beaming radiantly and waving to us with both hands.

To help us start to love and cherish ourselves because we are all special and beautiful in our own special way. Even when crippled with low self-esteem, it is clear that your average unbelievably fat American thinks much more highly of themself than the slimmest, most euphoric English person.

When I first started attending the NYC BBW parties, the idea of a man who was drawn to me because of my body seemed like a good one.

I was excited to put my “winning personality” on the shelf and let my body draw men in, and it worked.

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