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Whether a house really needs work is based on personal opinion. Sometimes sellers will ask if they should fix up a home or sell it as is, and while certain repairs will bring more money, some types of improvements are better left as an option for the buyer.

For example, if the wall-to-wall carpeting is worn and stained, it is generally a good idea to replace the flooring before selling.

A millennial buyer will say a home in that condition would need work.

A purist who loves the character of 1940 homes might prefer its original condition and disagree.

Maybe the cabinets are painted wood and the floors are linoleum.

The oak paneling used to make your heart skip a beat, but now the house feels dark and gloomy.

The turrets, alcoves, and odd-shaped rooms had seemed so inviting, but now you can't figure out where to put the furniture.

She and husband David bought a house that was stuck in a bit of a 1970s time warp and spent the last few years updating it.

The before and after photos are pretty jaw-dropping.

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However, you would be foolish to haul a Wedgewood stove to the dump simply because it's a certain vintage.

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