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Her book is a fascinating journey of a well-lived life in the spotlight. I now want to tell everyone to look back at their life because you can see with new eyes how it led you to where you are now. We just have to stop saying life is about what we look like instead of who we are. The minute you put your mind to the future, something magical happens. I had to take drama in junior high or they would have flunked me. We have more freedom to be and do anything we want. We’re seeing women in other countries and how they’re struggling. But actually it is our freedom, that’s how we get out of it. I have had very serious moments – when my dad was dying; when John left me for Bo; my second husband was worse than my first.

Linda now lives in the Pacific Northwest, and has no plans to return to Hollywood. I did the best I could and never worked harder in my life. : Yes, my recipe to go with that is “Fresh Start Blueberry Muffins.” I add lemon zest and ginger!! I was “discovered” when I went with my girlfriend to a commercial audition. When you walk into your fear, you find out as you keep going that it’s just a paper tiger, and you get so strong on the other side of the fear. When we clear that from our minds, there is a freedom and power that comes to you that was once trapped. The blessing for me was finding out that getting rich and famous doesn’t do squat for insecurity. The 60’s are more difficult in terms of gravity, and the body changing. We understand how we can support each other; seeing what has to change.

It’s an honor to present to fans your most current, up-to-date interview, taking place during your Worldwide Concert Tour in 2014 and upcoming new release .

By Stacey Gualandi We know actress Linda Evans best by the characters she has portrayed on the big and small screen from Audra in Big Valley to Krystal Carrington on “Dynasty.” But when I saw her speak recently at the Los Angeles Women’s Expo, I didn’t know that she is also a good cook.

Philip Klein, a Texas-based private investigator leading the hunt, said they had "concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr Mc Dermott is alive".

He said they were checking documents and voice recordings of Mr Mc Dermott that he and his lawyer had provided in return for their agreeing to leave him alone."Mr Mc Dermott's wishes, according to his counsel, is not to be 'hounded' any longer by investigators or the media," said Mr Klein.

So, when a rental company, such as Triad Technical Services, opts to exclusively work with point source systems, such as those from KV2 Audio, it finds itself often having to educate the sound engineers at an event of the advantages that those systems deliver over their line array cousins.

This was no different when it recently when the Triad supplied the full technical setup at the Jordan Festival, which comprised three concerts taking place over a week-and-a-half period with an eclectic mix of performers taking to the stage at the Amman Citadel, upon the highest hill in Amman and overlooking the city.

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All women have insecurities, and we have to deal with all of these life problems. Within a few months, I met a playboy who became my second husband and jumped from the frying pan into the fire. But then I did “Legends” for nine months with Joan Collins, and that was a tremendous fear I had to overcome.

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