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A girl gets amnesia one night thanks to Kaiba and since she has no idea who she is and everything Kaiba decides to take care of her and actually grows attached to her, but what happens when he finds out she's Serenity Wheeler? Her feelings were unimaginable, his motives, indescribable. no boring stories of seto Xserenity or their love triangles, that lack a real meaning. The early death of her mother has hardened her heart and she vowed to kill the one who killed her mother.don't you just hate fics that just lack real description and a thoughtful plot. Her fake desguise as a man has led her to the castle of the Pharaoh and the High Priest Seto......Now, meeting him again, will he deny his child or will he embrace her? She thought he loved her back, but she was wrong, he turned his back on her and left her scarred.............Xserenity Sometimes love isn't as everlasting as it seems...After Kisara's death High Priest Seto finds love with Serenity Wheeler, but what will happen if Kisara comes back? But when Joey finds out, he tries to keep them apart. Serenity/Seto, Joey/Mai, slight mentions of Yugi/Tea and Te When Mokuba decides to cheer his brother up due to a stressful day, he asks Serenity for help. The unexpected person who treats her brother unkindly ends up falling for her.

I have been noticing that there needs to be a Seto Serenity archive for fanfics and poems so I figure people who like this couple can post their favorite stories here and stuff like that. Oneshot Seto Kaiba's daughter is more like him then he wants when it comes to technology, which results in him being locked in her room with her to confront his greatest fears, parenthood and tea parties. Joey and Seto still fight but what will happen when Seto pulls Serenity into the middle of their fights?She was his objective, and no one could come in the way of that. After a repulsive date with Duke Devlin, Serenity is forced to walk home in a storm. With that, Shizuka is thrown into a dark, dark world where her brother's very life is in the crucible & only she can stop it. " She asked, flinching back as he raised his hand to ruffle her curly hair. Maria started giggling at the thought of her big, strong daddy crying because there was soap his eye! When they finished washing the toddler, Serenity took Maria to her and Seto's bedroom to put her into her nightie. He had already changed his jeans for sweatpants so he was ready for bed. They had a few swims in the pool, played games in the garden, even played with the Alsations and Golden Labradors, baked cookies for Joey and Mai for when they got back (Seto, being the way he was, wrote on his, "Condolences Mai, for having to stay with a Mutt. As they "family" hugged, Serenity hugged her husband and whispered, "What was that all about? Small, weak and pink was the being that was placed in her arms by the nurse. That's what we'll name her.""Perfect," Seto grinned as he kissed her cheek, holding Aiko's tiny hand. Seto thought it was strange that she would flinch at such an unharmful movement, usually a child with trauma or a history of being beaten would flinch like that."I'm not angry. He would jump out of the bathtub, without a towel, and run around the house until grandma Sophie grabbed his ear and threw him back into the bath! Then, Seto locked the bathroom door, stripped and stepped into the shower. But Seto wasn't one for the "fun" side of the reproductive cycle. Sure, he enjoyed it on their wedding night, Valentine's and the two anniversaries that just passed, but even then, it seemed like Serenity's body didn't want her to get pregnant. Ten minutes later, he reappeared from the bathroom in a deep blue bathrobe. "Though I suppose he is quite strange."Maria and Mokuba stared at each other for a few seconds. Standing behind him, her slender fingers slowly caressed his stomach, as she left soft, loving kisses on his back. (But that does not mean I don't love Maria)), ate some of those cookies (except Seto's), and watched a few movies. He told me himself, 'I think I'm getting attached to the puppy! " He shrugged, kissing her forehead and looking back at his in-laws."I MISSED YOU! The female doctor looked up at him and informed, "It's not looking good, she's losing a lot more blood than we thought."Seto continued to kiss her; to soothe her. You'll be fine."She stared up at him with pure pain in her eyes, silently asking why he was lying to her. By this time, Serenity was covered in sweat; not able to breath and had made her husband's hand very numb. It ceased it's crying, opening it's eyes to gaze up at it's mother.

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